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We understand that your uptime is important. Your site needs to be up as much as possible in order for you to achieve your web marketing goals. That is why we use APC UPS management for each machine on our network. We also have senior sales status with Dell Computer Corporation to supply all of the machines we use for hosting your website. These machines are built with redundant power supplies, hot swappable RAID hard drives, and ample processor power and memory. For our network, we use a connection that is redundant through Time Warner Telecom one of the world's largest backbone providers, for maximum speed and reliability. We understand the need for stability and consistency, and we have built our data center from the ground up to prevent system failures.

Sales Phone #: 1-480-706-4655
Support Phone #: 1-770-384-7061

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1210 Grace Hadaway Ln
Lawrenceville, Georgia





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