We currently use Time Warner Telecom,Eli and XO Communications as our uplink providers. Our network currently has the capacity for a range up to 100mbps connection. This allows you to have high uptime, speed, reilablity and the redundancy that is important when choosing a web host. Our servers are located in Liberty Lake Washington, we also have locations in Arizona, New York and Georgia. We have massive room for expansion and we are growing at a rapid rate, all due in part to our reliable service which has gained us loyal clients, who rave about our support and reliability.

Redundant Routers:
We are running dual Cisco routers for redundancy. The routers are Cisco 12000 Series routers which can handle an OC48 and scale from 2.5 Gbps/slot to 40 Gbps/slot capacity, enabling carrier-class IP/MPLS core and edge networks.

Redundant Power:
All servers are placed on circuits that have UPS backup power. We also have a Cummins diesel generator with 350,000 Watt Capacity that can power the entire facility.

Choosing us as your next host is a wise investment, and we will do all we can to ensure you have a pleasant experience with Siteplot.

Multi-Homed Network
Redundant Power
Temperature Control
Metal Cage Security
Redundant Routers
Fire Supression System
Biometrics Security
Video Surveillance

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